Catching up with Billy

a check in with Billy, NSW Training Award Finalist for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

Billy has a strong work ethic, an ethos that was set early as an expectation from his family. He saw his parents and grandparents work hard and establish their expectations to him and his siblings from an early age. This expectation has no doubt enabled Billy to take everything in his stride and have a healthy outlook to what he needs to do to unwind and have a happy life.

Heading to the beach, sitting on the headland, going bush, organising fun holidays, visiting family, going for a drive with his fave music blaring are all activities Billy uses to get his head out of work mode. He prefers these activities to the alternative of putting it all in a jar and waiting for it to explode.

Billy is driven by making a difference in the lives of others. He finds it rewarding to watch people achieve their goals and consider the before and after of those he walks alongside of. Currently working with a number of people he likes a challenge and establishing relationships with them, especially when they really click.

He found himself being strict when completing his studies, setting aside time each week to get it done and found the supportive environment and mentoring made it easier. It was a great opportunity to learn everything with the content being quite broad and scenario based which kept it interesting. Billy is currently working his way through his Cert 4 and I am sure he is finding the motivation within himself to keep up with his education.

For anyone else out there who has considered support work, take onboard these wise words from Billy – life is your oyster. It is just such a rewarding job. Try it and you will see.

Billy says he is mostly nervous for Friday night, where he is a finalist for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year at the North Coast and Mid North Coast NSW Training Awards. Stay tuned for the outcome and photos of the team celebrating.

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