What your first psychology appointment would look like..

Your comfort and expectations are the primary focus.

Your first meeting with a psychologist will include introductions on both sides. It is an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have and will include completing any forms. It is a relaxed meeting usually where discussion centres around making you feel comfortable and ensuring that you can connect with the person you will be meeting with at regular intervals.

If the client is a young child, the initial meeting will often just be between the parent and the clinician. This is because the conversation will include sensitive information about the child’s behaviour therefore best for the child not to be present. However, we understand that this is not always possible and would be happy to organise a follow-up telephone call for any parents to discuss confidential information at a time that is suitable.

The conversation will continue with the clinician asking questions to understand relevant background information and your goals for the sessions, including a timeline. If you are funded by an NDIS plan the conversation will include how the funding will be used and how the intervention will be delivered.

Please bring with you, if you have not provided alongside your referral, previous reports, assessments and/or behaviour support plans. These can then be reviewed by the clinician and lead to a discussion between the clinician and yourself.


If you are looking at seeing one of our clinicians please call us on 02 4013 6079 or complete a referral form

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