The Happiness Hundred

Today is International Happiness Day.

When I thought about this day last week it got me thinking about happiness and what it means. Happiness means different things to all of us and different things to each of us at different times. Whilst happiness is always important, I thought it could be fun for each of us to focus on our own happiness this International Happiness Day.

Get a pen and write down what makes you happy. Then split up the list by rating each activity as either 10, 20, or 50 happiness points in terms of how much happiness they bring you. Then, let’s select our activities to make our Happiness Hundred by doing the thing we know make us happy – adding up to 100.

I have included some examples below but feel free to substitute these with your own. Remember happiness is an individual thing so focus on doing the things that make you happy.

10 Happiness Points

20 Happiness Points

50 Happiness Points


·       Listen to your favourite song


·       Have a hot cup of tea or coffee


·       Take 5 minutes out from your day to stretch, breath and practice some mindfulness


·       Dance like no-ones watching


·       Give someone you care about a hug – pets count too


·       Watch an episode of a favourite TV show or movie


·       Take a short walk in the sunshine (or rain if that’s what you prefer)


·       Give someone a genuine compliment


·       Read a chapter or 2 of your favourite book


·       Watch the sunset or sunrise


·       Have a long chat with a good friend


·       Write down a list of all the things you are grateful for


·       Have your favourite meal for dinner


·       Make plans for a day trip or holiday to a place you enjoy going


·       Look back at some of your favourite photos

 Share with us in the comments what made your Happiness Hundred.


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