Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention is a key component of We Care's services. This article explains what TCI is and why we believe it's tremendously important.

Iceberg v3We Believe in supporting our staff to develop and share their expertise and in building the capacity of staff, participants, stakeholders and the community. To help us achieve this goal, We Care is committed to delivering services that are person-centred and trauma-informed. Using a person-centred approach enables us to support participants in ways that will increase their success at living as independently as they are able, and allows them to contribute to the extent they choose to community life. Ensuring that we support people to develop person-centred outcomes means that they are much more likely to achieve success.Using a trauma informed framework enables us to:

  • Realise the widespread impact of trauma and how it impacts behaviours. At We Care, we refer to the iceberg model to assist us in thinking about what might be underlying the behaviours we see in our participants and seeking positive behaviour support strategies to help manage any behaviours of concern.
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff, and others involved with the system.
  • Respond by implementing evidence based frameworks and integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices.

In addition to these frameworks, We Care will be implementing Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
(TCI) training for all We Care staff. Built on relational practices, TCI is a trauma-informed, evidence-
based, systems approach developed by Cornell University. The ability of the entire organisation to
respond effectively to crisis situations is critical in establishing not only a safe environment, but also
one that promotes growth and development.

This training will provide staff with strategies to help them assist in:

  • Reducing the risk of crises from occurring
  • Effectively de-escalating potential crises
  • Effectively and safely managing acute crisis phases
  • Trauma informed strategies to manage stressful situations
  • Developing a learning circle within the organisation

The addition of TCI will assist us in continuing to create safe and therapeutic environments for
our participants. Environments that are trauma-informed, person-centred, and that promote growth and capacity-building. It will also assist participants in learning new skills and adaptive ways of coping whilst working towards the reduction and elimination of the use of restrictive practices.

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