Trauma-Informed Care

Our Clinical Lead explains what Trauma-Informed Care means for We Care.

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Trauma-informed care is based on the understanding that:

  • A significant number of people living with mental health conditions have experienced trauma in their lives
  • trauma may be a factor for people in distress
  • the impact of trauma may be lifelong and
  • trauma can impact the person, their emotions and relationships with others.

At We Core, our trauma-informed services are based on the following principles:

  • Safety – emotional as well as physical e.g. a welcoming environment
  • Trust – being sensitive to our participants’ needs
  • Choice – providing opportunity for choice
  • Collaboration – communicating to our participants a sense of ‘doing with’ rather than ‘doing to’
  • Empowerment of our participants
  • Respect for Diversity in all its forms

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