Ways We Care NSW Can Support NDIS Participants

Justyn, one of our psychologists, explains the different ways We Care NSW can support NDIS participants.

In our Allied Health team we provide psychology, speech pathology and behaviour support interventions to participants with NDIS funding.

There's lots of different reasons why participants or carers may come to see us, and depending on what help you need, we can change what kinds of supports we provide.

Some of the types of supports that we provide include individual or group appointments with a psychologist, speech pathologist or behaviour support clinician, cognitive and diagnostic assessments, carer or parental training and development of a behaviour support plan for support staff.

These interventions are provided under the Improved Daily Living and Improved Social Relations funding lines in your NDIS. plan.

Everything we do is based around building skills. But every person is a little bit different, so depending on the type of skills we need to build, that we'll change the way that we approach our intervention. We'll talk to you about this so we know how best we can work towards your goals. 

Some of the types of skills that can be built on include interpersonal relationship skills, emotional regulation skills, conflict resolution skills or communication and language skills.

There's lots of different ways and different skills that we.can build on and I can't possibly list all now, and the first step to getting help is sending us a referral.

To get help with sending us a referral, you can give us a ring and talk to our friendly receptionist, you can talk to your carers or support staff, or you can talk to your coordinator of supports. Once you send it through, we'll allocate our most suitable clinician as soon as possible and we'll get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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