Our Model of Care and Therapeutic Training

At We Care NSW our goal is to match our participants with a staff member that will meet the four fundamental elements of our Model of Care. Find out how this translates to our service delivery.


At We Care NSW our goal is to match our participants with a staff member that will meet the four fundamental elements of our Model of Care:

1. Connection – we all know how it feels when we connect with someone, that feeling that they see and get the real ‘us’. Connection with others makes change and growth easier as you can be who you are without fear of judgement. 

2. Relationship Building – centres on trust and safe and meaningful connection. These are the main ingredients required to build any relationships and are vital for participants' positive growth and development.

3. Engagement – safe, supported and confident in working towards goals which are individual and based on the life our participants want to live. Participants are actively involved in their care and goal setting.  

4. Therapeutic Care – involves coming from a space that understands how trauma impacts people. It recognises that trauma is the impact of an experience on a person, rather than the event itself. Providing Therapeutic Care is holistic, individual, and promotes personal change in thoughts, emotional functioning and behaviour. 

The height of importance at We Care NSW, being an Aboriginal owned, operated and dedicated supplier of care, is to be culturally sensitive and responsive. All while recognising the trauma of separation, addressing intergenerational trauma and promoting healing.

To strengthen our Model of Care we provide three areas of training to our staff:

  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) - is evidence-based and trauma-informed. TCI is responding effectively to crisis situations and establishing a safe environment that promotes growth and development. Learn more about this training and approach
  • Cultural Respect – recognition, protection and continued advancement of inherent rights, cultures and traditions. It is treating all people with respect, inclusion and putting in place transparent management and safety and health practices. 
  • Positive Behaviour Support – is strongly focused on understanding, choice and improving the quality of life. Our programs and plans are as individual as you are.  Find out more about Behaviour Support and its benefits

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